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Stay Doomed 118: Super Mario Bros. Morton-Jankel Cut

In 1993, video game movies didn't have a reputation for being bad. In fact, they didn't have a reputation at all. Then SUPER MARIO BROS came along, creating the first video game-based live-action Hollywood release, and also the first video game movie to be critically panned. In 2021, the dedicated filmmakers of Super Mario Bros: The Movie Archive obtained access to a workprint and painstakingly crafted the MORTON-JANKEL CUT. Join Laura Prince and Noah Houlihan on their adventure in Brooklyn and Dino-Hattan. Will this new version take the cult classic out of the movie mausoleum? Or will the film STAY DOOMED?

Wanna watch before you listen?..... Oh... so about that. It was removed from archive.org.

Next week we are watch The Phone. Watch it on Itunes.

Noah in a Nintendo commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ID3LMX5jPJQ

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