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Stay Doomed 116: The Elvira Show

Two witches take in their young, naive niece to see if she shares the family gift. The family hides in a small, cute town from townsfolk ready to persecute them with their snarky talking black cat. Think you know what I'm talking about? Think again! Join Laura Prince and Noah Houlihan as they explore THE ELVIRA SHOW, a sitcom pilot with a similar premise but a different, shall we say, execution? Will Elvira and her family continue to outwit the suspicious District Attorney and live another day? Or will the witches STAY DOOMED?

Wanna watch before you listen? Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7it-GI9jj0Q

Next week in a shocking twist we are watching Killer Camp. Check it out on CW.com

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