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In the Audience

I actually went to see this podcast live after I found out about it and it was a lot of fun! If you live in the area deffo stop by and see it not only did I get to be there live but I also got to be a guest for their game at the end. Highly recommended for anyone in any nerdom these guys are a stitch!

Funny stuff

Funny and entertaining even if you are not into gaming and comics.

Authentic gamer comedy

You can tell the guys are passionate about what they're talking about. Good comedy mixed in with the "nerd" video game talk.

Been at it for years

this is one of those funny nerdy podcasts that keeps me coming back for more. great show!


Not normally into gamer-type stuff, but the comedy on this show overcomes that bias.

Wonderful spontaneity

I so envy the easy flow of the participants - wonderfully free and entertaining. What a world, in which wit and charisma do not dent one's credibility as a nerd.

Very funny

The hosts have great chemistry and are very enthusiastic. They have great guests, and the live format works really well for them. Also, I love the theme song

Great nerd variety show!

Interesting topics, fun comedians and, entertaining guests... all in a shiny nerd box. What's not to like? :D

Not just two comics w a podcast

Thought I was getting in just another podcast with two stand ups making their jokes, which is exactly what the world needs more of, but no! They also might be talking ABOUT comics. Was glad to find instead some funny guys that are also talking about the kind of geeky stuff I'm into,and also interviewing others. More than just +2. Enjoying it!

Paul Latti

These guys have been entertaining me for the last month or so now! Give them a listen if you plan on laughing on your entire trip!

Keeping it sharp!

This is one of those podcasts that you can always rely on for a laugh because you've got some consistently funny comedians at the helm.

Great guests and so funny!

The hosts are really good, they put on a great show and have some really cool guests.

Don't Let The Format Fool You - Quality Show Here

At first, I was a little turned off by the format, but the more I listened, the more these guys just pulled me into their own little world, group, whatever. Their wit is on point at all times and that's probably my favorite part about this show. So glad I gave it a full chance and you all will be too. Hit that subscribe button. You won't be disappointed.

geek strong

nice and nerdy - you won’t always get it but when you do you’ll know these are your people

Truly a Good Time

As a fellow comic and a nerd, this is podcast is a lot of fun. Really cool guests, with interesting backgrounds, and hilarious, stimulating conversations. Listen to it now!


An energetic podcast for nerds all over the world. The guys regularly have unique guests, consistently quality content, and funny dialogue.

Funny & knowledgable nerds!

These guys are pretty funny and knowledgable about nerdy things and have some fun segments on the podcast! Check them out!

Nerds Gone Live

Great idea for a podcast and some good laughs.

Fun & Funny

The hosts have great rapport and the conversation is so natural. I love the games they play & that they record in front of an audience. It brings an extra layer of fun to the show!

fun, fast-paced

I’m not usually into live shows, but I’m making an exception here. Good chemistry, good banter, and really fun guests. As a female listener I love when women are on - podcastland and the comedy world are both notoriously male-dominated so it’s important to me that it gets balanced out. Well done!

Geek radio

Sounds like a show you would hear on the radio, but topics you only hear on podcasts!

Nerdy. Really Nerdy.

But I'm ok with that. Having recently shared The King of Kong with my girlfriend, I was delighted to find this podcast when they had a guest on from Twin Galaxies. LOVED getting some of that inside insight into that world.

Quality Content

Funny stuff, good info about games and comics.

Love it!

I'll admit, the first thing I listened to was a couple episodes where they were doing a Breaking Bad binge session, and I guess it was the pilot to an unreleased podcast, and the audio wasn't so great. So I tried out more, and not only does it sound far better, but these guys are really entertaining to listen to. My podcast subscription list is growing out of control, but you need not feel guilty for adding to my burden.... :(

+2 Bonus to Hilarious

Entertaining and funny, they show a love for all things nerd.

Very funny

Good discussion about a variety of topics. Good production. The cast plays off of each other well.

Sounds great

Fun show and great banter. Love the guests.

Enjoyed this very much!

I loved all the different personalities on this show! Keep up the great work guys.

Great Job!

Great podcast and awesomly funny!

Love the Nerd/Comedy Mix

Solid comedy right here.

= Laughs

Funny Guys + Nerdy Topics = A match made in Nerdvana!

Your Stats Have Increased

Grind some nerd XP, on a comedy quest, with a third relevant detail that's a final boss! - Jonas Polsky

Fun, Relevent Podcast!

Really enjoy this one week in and week out. The hosts are good at what they do, and they always have great guests. Plus, their conversations are (mostly) fresh and relevent! Sounds great too! A+

All Around FunFun

Fun topics, fun hosts, fun podcast!

Quality show!

Great content and a good concept. Funny, geeky, interesting listen.

Clever wonderful ride

Noah, Will, and company run an easy going fun podcast full of laughs. I don't always know what they are laughing or talking about but I know for darn sure it's hilarious. 2 thumbs up.

One of the best!

I go to the podcast almost every week in northfield and it is hilarious! If you can make it out there I highly reccomend it (and bring a prize). Great podcast, very funny, would reccomend to anyone looking for a podcast the deleivers a god laugh!

I'm totally not Badichek

This is the kind of podcast that just makes you smile. Listen to them all. Especially episodes 21 and 53 when they have that Derek Badichek on. Man that guy is awesome. Never met him myself but I hear he's sexy and has a tremendous singing voice. But also listen to every other episode.

Funny and enlightening with a capital Nerd

Get witty, smart, and passionate conversion, games, and guests in all of your nerd realms!

A ton of fun

I just checked out +2 and I had a great time doing it. It's a lot of fun hearing a live stage show, because you rarely do anymore. This show actually gave me a couple of books and shows to check out, and I absolutely loved the game at the end and the clever way of giving out prizes. Awesome awesome show guys!

Blends Comedy and Nerd Culture

I am a huge fan of stand-up comedy and a BIG nerd so, of course, I’m biased, but I LOVE this podcast. It is great and a quick listen. The hour FLIES by! Great job and keep up the good work!

Nerdcom...is that a word? It is now.

Great stuff, if you laugh out loud at the obscure and geek humor that you see everyday, this is your 'cast. Check em out.

Awesome Chemistry!

The hosts have great chemistry with each other as well as the guests they have on! I definitely recommend checking out the "Uncle Yo" episode!

Get a nerd boner!

The guys at Whiskey and Cigarettes told me to check them out - very much like this show! Great audio for a live show and I love geeking out about the latest in gaming and phones, so it's perfect. Give it a listen!


It's a really good podcast, and it's really fun to listen to at work. Minus the Chuck Huber one, but I just put my headphones on for that.


Great podcast if you like nerds and trivia.

Funny, witty, and geeky in all the right places

A down to earth talk about the geekdom of games, comics, and movies. Found myself laughing and asking if anyone else just heard that. There was no one else in the room...

funny stuff

These guys are so funny! I can't get enough!

Yay nerds!

Usually not a fan of live podcasts, but this one does a great job! Funny all the way through and entertaining every time.

Amazing Nerd Comedy

These guys put on a great show. They bring in awesome guests and a definitely worth a listen. You'll always walk away laughing.